Well Versed - Mastering life online. A film by PJ and you.


There's a film happening, and you could be in it. You love the internet. In fact, you live the internet, so no one knows more about staying safe inside it than you. Join PJ, YouTuber and storyteller extraordinaire, to share what you've learned in the coolest way possible.


Help us make a film about staying safe inside the wondrous internet. Listen to the opening verse of PJ's poem, then write and film your own with your advice. One or two lines, spoken, drawn, animated, acted - whatever makes it pop. Just make sure you upload it before the Friday 16th May closing date and follow the four golden rules below.

PJ's verse

Listen to PJ's first verse

  • 1.Your age

    You need to be between 13 and 18 years old & live in the UK.

  • 2.Your people

    Get permission from anyone appearing in your film, and make sure they're 13-18 too.

  • 3.Your media

    Please don't use music, and any photos or animations must be your own.

  • 4.Your Clip

    Please keep your film 15 seconds or less, make sure there's no background noise & use PJ's verse as a guide for rhythm.


Take a look at what three of our favourite YouTubers came up with and get inspired.

Oli White

Oli White


Cherry Wallis

Cherry Wallis


Suli Breaks

Suli Breaks



Imagine a good friend is facing one of the situations below. Then think about how they could have avoided it or the advice you'd give them about staying safe in the future.

  • Someone is posting mean comments on your friend's updates.

  • Someone tagged your friend in a photo they wanted to keep private.

  • Someone is asking your friend to send them inappropriate selfies.

  • Your friend has seen a video online that’s really upset them.

  • Your friend is receiving friend requests from someone they don't know.

  • Your friend is upset because someone is posting comments, photos and videos pretending to be them.


If you're experiencing any of the situations we're raising in Well Versed, please don't suffer in silence. Here are just a few organisations that can help, and the kind of support they provide.

  • Beat Bullying

    Beat Bullying

    If you're facing bullies – online or in real life – we're here to help.

    Find out more
  • Safety Centre

    Safety Centre

    Stay safe and secure with Google and on the web with our tools and tips.

    Find out more
  • CEOP


    Report uncomfortable or threatening online behaviour with our button.

    Find out more
  • Zipit


    Download the Zipit app for help with dealing with uncomfortable flirty chat.

    Find out more
  • Thinkuknow


    We're a handy guide for the ups and downs of life online.

    Find out more
  • Childline


    Talk to us about facing bullies or anything inappropriate happening online.

    Find out more